Travel agency license in Dubai

Dubai is one of the most wanted tourist places in the world. In fact it is among the top 10 visiting places. After all, there is perfect setup for a resort trip, blue beach, and stable promising environment. It also have wonderful modern buildings as well as historic architectural. Let me mention one thing which is the most essential aspect of the growth of Dubai; that is, the government of Dubai makes massive efforts for the growth of travel and tourism sector. So, all these factors earn an additional value for Dubai. And so make it a very beautiful place to get a travel agency license in Dubai.

Dubai makes itself as one of the best looking places on earth; it attracting more than 10 million visitors every year. Now a day travel agency license in Dubai has a high demand in the market; because Dubai Gov’t has removed the restriction of security deposit; which was 3,00,000 AED. So this is one of the key motivational factors for expat; that is to make Dubai as home for their business. A part from deposit removal Dubai also enjoys a commercial location; which also give an edge to attract more and more people.

Travel agency license in Dubai

  1. The first thing which you need is the setup funds. If your main focus is to get some loan from a bank. Then it is also important to find a bank which is best suitable for your need.
  2. Information of local Gov’t policies on travel and tourism company formation in Dubai. It is important to know the commercial laws before you start your travel agency.
  3. Prepare a proper business plan. Your business plan should factor in the fast evolving Dubai economic situation, manpower and setup costs.
  4. Services bouquet: You have to know the tourism area that you looking to focus on. Like adventure travel and corporate tours as well as family travel.
  5. Cover of all the business activities to stay safe from surprising risks.
  6. You also need to build a network in the tourism market so that to grow tourism business.
  7. Subject matter: you also need full information about booking of airline, cruise tickets and booking of hotel rooms. Other unexpected requirements like visa preparations and transportation. Or any guest particular requests like food or medical etc.
  8. Attract more clients: you need to build a good online presence so that to attract clients. For this purpose you need to create a responsive website. And also you need to promote you brand on the social media.

How to setup a travel agency in Dubai

  • The first step is to reserve a name for your travel agency license in Dubai.
  • Once you reserve a name for you travel agency; then you can apply for Initial Approval.
  • The next step is to draft an MOA and notarize it in Dubai notary public
  • Now you need to find a location and buy or rent an office.
  • Once you have MOA initial approval and lease agreement; then you can submit all these documents for final approval.
  • Once you get your license then you can apply for DEWA connection.

Out bound tour Operator Tourism license in Dubai

Such type of a travel agency license in Dubai allows you to start the out bound trips. So it will allow you to work in the field of travel and tourism inside and also outside of the country; it also empower you to organize exhibitions as well as international conferences. Previously there was some insurance policy to cover the risks. But now the gov’t of Dubai has removed the insurance for travel agency. So now there is no bank security for this kind of travel agency license in Dubai.

Activity Code: 630411

License Type: Tourism license in Dubai

Activity Description: this type of a firm empowers you to arrange and sell tourist programs abroad through agents.

Tourism license in Dubai as an inbound Tour Operator

This type of a license allows you to start the inbound tourist trips. Inbound tour operator will allow you to work in the field of travel and tourism inside the country. It also empowers you to organize exhibitions as well as conferences. There is no bank security for travel agency license in Dubai.

License Type: Tourism license in Dubai

Activity Code: 630412

Activity Description:  This type of a travel agency license in Dubai will empower you to organize local motivation tours. And also arrange tours to attend conferences and events. This type of a license also empowers you to handling visas, transport and residence.

Travel agency license in Dubai to work as a Travel agent

This type of license allows you to sell the air tickets outside the country and offer visit visa. You can also book hotel and arrange tours as well as transport services to your clients. It almost takes the same type of necessities as that is for other two types discuss above. But here you also need to provide an NOC. That is on behalf of the civil aviation of the Emirate. To get NOC, you need to put a request letter in Arabic. That is in the name of the local person, for this purpose you need  the passport copy of the UAE local. And also you need to provide a family book copy with fees at Dh 5425. But the great news travel agency license in Dubai is that there is no bank security any more.

Activity Code 630402

License Type: Tourism license in Dubai

Activity Description: this type of a license is use for selling air tickets to individuals and companies. Also the role of travel agent is restricted to seats booking; issuing tickets in direction with the agent. Travel agent can also assist you in hotel booking and provide rent a car services.

Travel agency license cost in Dubai

Description AED
License fee + 5% of annual office rent 10,000
Local Service Agent fee 10,000
Registration Fee 5000
Local Service Agent Agreement drafting, translation as well as notarizing 1500
Total 26500

Important Notes for travel agency license in Dubai

Investor / Partner Visa: It is not necessary to get visa for your travel agency. But if you want to get visas for your travel agency then you are allow to apply visa. For example if you do not need visa for investor or partner or you already have one. Then you are not bound to apply for one.

Dependents residence visa wife, son, daughter

As a partner or investor you have permit to apply for your family residence visa. That is husband, wife as well as children visas. If you need dependent visa you can get that after getting your travel agency license in Dubai. And also after your visa is stamp on your passport.

Instant License: A mainland license which does not needs to take additional approvals are called instant license. This type of a license do not needs to rent a proper office in Dubai. Instant license will also empower you to apply for your investor visa. And you can also support your dependent under your support and two employment visas. Instant License is the one which is issue in 24 hours.

Tourism trade license in Dubai is booming and a business set up in Dubai is a gifted opportunity. Because of many rules attach with the formation process with the tourism department. Therefor the business setup process will not always be straight and unified.

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I have got an outstanding service from TLD consultancy firm; they have very professional consultant in their team, and they have full know how of the business set up service.


Tourism license in Dubai

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Hiring TLD for our Tourism license in Dubai was one of our wise decisions. I would like to thank you TLD for your help which you have given us during our company setup. I would like to place a special thanks to Mrs. Sara as she was very kind very humble and very nice lady. I highly appreciate her timely update on the progress of our Tourism license in Dubai. Keep up the good work!

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I have got a great help with the business ideas and getting trade license in Dubai. TLD helped me with everything like what are the documents requires policies, rules as well as regulations etc. I was very confused but thanks to TLD consultancy and there team for providing there full support and help. Special thanks to Miss Sara for her follow up and updates. Good experience and I will recommend them to my friends and colleagues.

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Travel agency license in Dubai

August 26, 2021

If you are new in this booming city and you are looking to setup a travel agency in Dubai; then I will strongly recommend you to do a free consultation with these guys. You will not be disappointed; because they will not let you down. I highly recommend TLD for any new setup in town.

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