Recruitment license in Dubai

The number of businesses in Dubai and in UAE is increasing every year. Each and every month more than 500 companies are establishing in UAE. That opens a gate for new job vacancies for expat to work in such companies. Which also raise the demand for setting up a staffing agency in Dubai. For Recruitment license in Dubai the government facilitate by allowing the License for a private employment agency Law in 2011. It is also famous as MR 1283, issued by the Ministry of Labor.

The holder of Recruitment license in Dubai is permitted to place work force in an established job positions. This is in the other companies and has the same role as the employment business program in Dubai. The major role of the holder of the recruitment license in Dubai is to support new expat to place them in an appropriate position.

Setting up a recruitment agency in Dubai

In order to start recruitment agency in Dubai you have to apply for a Recruitment license in Dubai. This type of a license is the kind of a professional license. Such kind of a license empowers your company to carry out an agent activity between employer and employee. In such type of a license you are permit to store data of the employee and employer and match them. Whenever an employer require to hire an employee for this recruitment agency in Dubai. Recruitment license in Dubai should be renew annually.

One of the conditions of the recruitment license in Dubai is that only UAE nationals can apply for it. And also its manager should be a UAE national. The new UAE law also states that agencies should inform the Ministry about all variations made within the agency. The Dubai employment agency is also compulsory to have a registered address. Expat are only allows to open recruitment agencies in Dubai free zones.

Recruitment license in Dubai

The government of UAE permits a natural person or a corporate person to run a recruitment agency. This is in one of the following form.

  • Brokerage agency
  • Temporary recruitment agency

Brokerage agency is performing like a link between employees and employers. Or it work like a PROs and to interchange contractual and employment conditions on their behalf. Whether this leads to a working relation or otherwise. This kind of agency will not be the part of such a working relation. That establish between employee as well as employer. The major activity of such agency is to gather and keep the data about workers. And also maintain the record of available job with employer. It will store the worker applications along with all other information. So that to offer it to the employer when it is requires.

Temporary recruitment agency works like an employer. And recruit a labor which is then to be accessible for a third party (User). The third party user can be a corporate person or it can be a natural person. In order to carry out a job or service under control and the supervision of the User. In such case, the agency becomes an Employer with direct business associated with the concerned labor. The agency are sanction to hire the labor from outside of the country as well as from inside of the country.

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The documents you need to open a recruitment license in Dubai

As we mention that there are two kinds of recruitment license in Dubai. This is brokerage as well as temporary employment licenses. Following is the list of documents which you need get the both of these licenses:

  • A valid passport copy of the each and every shareholder.
  • The family book copy of each and every of the shareholder.
  • An ID card copy of all the owners. A proof of a trade name reservation
  • Certificate of good behavior or rehabilitation
  • On paper along with a sign acknowledgment from the applicant

Cost of a recruitment license in Dubai

In order to acquire the recruitment license in Dubai then you need to have a clear criminal record. The fee of a brokerage license is AED 50,000. And also a bank guarantees AED 300,000. And in case you want a temporary recruitment agency license. Then the fee will be 100,000 Dhm and also a bank guarantee of AED 1,000,000.

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