Construction license in Dubai

Dubai is truly well known for towers and other wonderful building projects. These high rise towers in Dubai perform several functions for development of several industries in the whole emirate. They not only resolve problems of residence, business along with accommodation. But also offer enhancement to tourism industry. Apart from apartment house buildings, the building of hotels, parks as well as artificial islands. And other business and full of enjoyment projects are continually under construction in Dubai. There is further more demand for more building constructions. This is not be wrong to say that there are a huge opportunities for construction license in Dubai.

Construction License in Dubai

In case you are searching to start a construction license in Dubai. Then let me bring this to you that this type of a business is one of the top in Dubai in last 20 year. And there is no reason that it will not accomplish extra growth in upcoming future. A recent report shows that UAE has world 2nd best ever construction growth. It is entirely because of the progress of Dubai. An important side which favors construction business is the upcoming Dubai Expo 2020. The homework for this mega event has change the remote area of Dubai South in to a business hub.

There are quite a lot of other large as well as small buildings projects are in progress in different parts of Dubai. They offer a great opportunity for the starting of a construction license in Dubai.

Fortunately for expat, they are totally permissible to start a construction license in Dubai mainland. And in many free zones present in Dubai. Both these areas offer their benefits as well as detail requirement.

How to start a construction company in Dubai

Construction business is one of the most booming business sectors in UAE. There is a competition in GCC Region for skyscrapers as well as Dubai is obviously in advance of all. The city is a center to the world’s highest building i.e. Burj al Khalifa. World’s peaks residential building i.e. Marina 101 is also in Dubai. In company with these, Princess tower along with Burj al Arab are also world well-known structures.

For the development of transport UAE has undertaken USD 7.8 billion project of extension of Dubai Airport. And USD 6.8 billion for the expansion of Abu Dhabi Airport.

For the improvement of tourism industry the govt of UAE is taking extra ordinary initiatives. Like they have built an artificial islands such as Palm Jumeirah. Other projects are also in progress which is Palm Jebel Ali, Deira Island, Maritime City and much more.

You can carry out real estate for residential or commercial purpose. The setup of a construction company in Dubai is one of the most money making sectors now a days. Remember that Dubai will host a great deal talked about World Expo 2020 that is approaching very fast. As a result, number of construction projects in Dubai is growing day by day.

Our professional agent will really guide you about the scope in construction sector. And they will bring all the information to you that how to start a construction company in Dubai.

Why to start a construction company in Dubai

The factor that considerably gave enhancement to construction business in Dubai is due to increase in number of foreign investors. Tycoons from around the world are preferred to come to Dubai. That is for business formation and is searching for residency in Dubai. This has led to a sharp improvement in construction field. Keep in view the value of properties for such purpose is very high.

How to start a construction company in Dubai

Following are the steps to understand how to open a construction company in Dubai mainland. Or any other place of the several free zones there.

  • Construction license in Dubai is a kind of commercial license. To apply for such license the relevant authority is DED (Dubai Economic Department). But in case you apply for construction license in Dubai free zone. Then they have their own specific authorities. There are special types of licenses compulsory for different types of construction activities and building contracting license. Breaking & demolition license, steel constructions contracting license, building maintenance license and so on.
  • If you want to go for work like engineering consultancy design or project management under Construction license in Dubai. Then the nature of a license will be professional.
  • For Construction license in Dubai you require to hire engineers or consultants. These experts can start their activities after getting a suitable building permits
  • In case you want to start your construction company either in Dubai mainland or in free zone. It is compulsory for you to know and understand the building law. It was amended in 2013
  • Once you get approval from DED for making a construction license in Dubai. The applicant will require taking special approval from other relevant authorities.

Special Approval construction license in Dubai

To start a construction license in Dubai you need to obtain special approvals from the blow authorities.

  • Dubai water and Electricity Authority: Clearance from this department is compulsory as it will give basic amenity to occupants
  • Drainage and Irrigation Department: It provide with liquid waste management as well as other disposable services.
  • You need an approval form a Building Department and Dubai Civil Defense Authority. Both these will keep check whether construction company adheres to construction norms or not.

A number of large as well as small projects are in progress in Dubai. These projects are for upcoming Expo 2020 and tourism facilities. So it will be foolish not to take advantages of these facilities. You just need to start a construction company in Dubai in this specific emirate of UAE. Although Dubai is one of the business friendly place in the world. There are still a number of hurdles to understand How to open a construction company in Dubai.

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Formation of Construction Company in Dubai

In case you are looking for how to start a construction company in Dubai. You have to first make a decision whether you want to form a mainland company or Free Zone Company. Dubai mainland company formation will require from you to have local partner who will also hold 51% of your company shares. Free Zone Company Formation will grant you whole ownership. For more understanding of difference as well as benefits of these company set up types. Regardless of what sort of company you want to form.

Our professional consultant can support you with starting a construction company in Dubai. Our help contain preparation of form and other important documents and filing them with the DED.

You should get commercial license that gives you permission to start formation of your company in Dubai. After getting such license, you need building permit that will allow you to start construction activities. You also require a specialist as well as expert or consultant. Who can submit an application on your behalf in order to get building permit. After that, it will be the duty of the adviser to assess the soil of construction site and define its properties.

For construction license in Dubai you also require to get Dubai Municipality license. Or in case of free trade zone, it is known as the G+1 permit. Furthermore, construction companies should also acquire environmental license as well as civil work permit.

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