Delivery service license in Dubai

Delivery service license in Dubai

Following lockdown restraints during COVID – 19 pandemic, online orders are increase 30% in the UAE.  As a result, delivery service license in Dubai became a widely held and ideal choice for many tycoons. Online food ordering also gets more and more popularity; as more outlets sign up to place their menus on several display places in order to get the growing market demand. Due to the online food as well as other product ordering; the people who depend on the services in supplying their products started to use delivery services in a much more volume than before.

To guarantee the safety as well as the quality of these services the UAE gov’t has applied new rule in delivery service license in Dubai; which include the training for drivers, they have put a standard on delivery boxes, the uniform of drivers and more. In order to setup a delivery service company in Dubai, you would need to get a delivery service license in Dubai.

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First of all, you need to know the requirements to start this kind of services. A delivery service company must have the following:

  • Cost effective delivery platform
  • You also need fully Train drivers
  • Live order tracking as well as you need a smart phone App to get order easily.
  • You also need to have a 24 / 7 support to your clients

Potential customers for the delivery License in Dubai

Online store: Almost every online store in Dubai is depending on courier company to deliver goods to customer. Because they outsource their delivery services to courier companies; but they prefer to work with local courier service firms.

Cafes and restaurants: This is another major area of opportunity. Almost all café and restaurant offer home delivery service to their clients. Now, 99% café and restaurant hire the services of courier company to deliver their order.

Flower shops: A lot of flower shops sale through social media networks and also offer home delivery services. As hiring drivers for delivery is not profitable they also prefer outsourcing.

Corporations: Most of the companies in Dubai need delivery services to deliver various documents. Furthermore, the courier staff can not only deliver documents; but also perform other tasks, e.g. wait in a line at the tax office and hand over or pick up documents.

The range of possible clients for a delivery service covers an unlimited number of SMEs and legal entities in Dubai.

Delivery service license cost in Dubai

The total cost to get a delivery service license in Dubai can vary; subject to different parts of this kind of license. The approximate license cost will be AED 5,000 to AED 10,000 excluding the sponsorship and other costs.

How to get a delivery service license in Dubai

Opening a delivery service company is very easier in Dubai with TLD consultancy. We will help you to start and expand your delivery service company with the delivery service license in Dubai. Normally there are two major areas where you can start this kind of company; that is mainland and free zones. These two areas offer their own advantage which is based on business type as well as its activity.

Once you choose the right area for your operation; after that we will guide you to set a legal structure; as well as trade name for your delivery service license in Dubai; then the paperwork for getting this kind of license. A devoted company setup agent can help you to get your delivery service license in Dubai; that is without any delay or rejections from mainland or free zone authority.

Setting up your food delivery service company in Dubai

Around two thirds of Dubai people use a food delivery service; which is very higher as compare to the rest of the world. And with the right know how, setting up a delivery service license in Dubai does not have to be complex.

There are surely gaps in the market for minor food delivery apps; especially those that can force their agility against the well settled larger players. With food delivery services, you also do not need to prepare the food by yourself. You can also act like a middle man. So it is a way of being in the food industry without owning any kind of restaurant. In this case you just need to collect food from local restaurants that you partner with, and then deliver it.

The step to start a food delivery service in Dubai is not too complex; but you need to have large amount of prior facts and figure of the rule apply to this type of a business. Specially, it is important to ensure that your application for your business; visa, catering, food delivery license is all completely free from mistakes.

What we can offer you for company setup in Dubai

This can be rather tense; so we advise you to get in touch with us so that we can put you on a fast track. We can also help you in opening a bank account for your business. And we can also offer advice on the type of financial institution that would best suitable for you.

Here at TLD consultancy, we offer you the best results to start your delivery services in Dubai. You get fast, reliable and fair advice on your unique company formation requirements. We can help you to pick the right kind of license for business; and we can also take you through the entire process from start to finish.

In case you hire us as your agent; then we will deal with the hassle of setting up your company; while you focus on your business. And working with us means we will ensure you the best budget friendly and cost effective solution; to help make your business dream a reality.

We had helped more than 1,000 tycoons for their businesses setup in Dubai. We can assist you in main land company setup, offshore company set up, free zone company set up. TLD is a one stop shop for you.

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