Foodstuff trading license in Dubai

Foodstuff trading license in Dubai are measured among the most vital trade license in Dubai. And generate evident symbols of its progress and prosperity. You can license your business in Dubai in a free zone area. Or with the DED (Dubai Economic Department) directly. Both these area have their own pros and cons. In a free trade zone you own the business entirely but setup costs are more. And also your channel should be within that free zone area. But in DED, you should include an Emirate citizen who will hold a 51% share. But you can work in any area of the local market without the fear of 51% local share. I know that sounds unreliable but you sign MOU so no one will be able to acquire screwed over. DED has an attractive formation procedure for Food trade license Dubai.

Why choose Foodstuff trading license in Dubai

Dubai is one of the speediest growing states in the Middle East. It attracts investor from overseas to register their base in Dubai. It is due to its low tax system and complete repatriation of earnings along with of investment. And also it has the most well stable economy. But still some people are hesitating due to the rule of 51% share of local sponsor. Foodstuff trading license in Dubai allow 49% share for external ownership. And in its place of local service agent a local sponsor is require forming a Foodstuff trading license in Dubai.

Foodstuff trading license in Dubai include among the key services that we offer to our client in UAE. Foodstuff trading license in Dubai needs a local sponsor of UAE. The job of a local sponsor is to help out in gaining license, labor card as well as visa etc. There is no lowest capital obligation for a qualified company in Dubai.

DM Approval for Foodstuff trading license in Dubai

The circumstances for apply to each food stuff business that imports, sells; also offers for sale or distributes without charges, prepares, correspondence, displays; manufactures, serves and processes as well as distributes food. The rules are there, as its major focus is Foodstuff trading license in Dubai. At broad level that includes, but is not confining to, the following:

  • DM approval is required for restaurants, hotels, cafeterias and cafes.
  • Approval of DM is required for service of food actions in institutions, which include schools along with hospitals.
  • Approval require from DM for bakeries.
  • Butcheries also need DM approval.
  • Grocery store along with supermarkets as well as departmental stores needs approval of DM.
  • DM approval is also requires for food catering units, suppliers to cruise ships along with events and canteen.
  • Factories of food and warehouses require the approval of MD too.
  • MD approval is also requiring for kiosks, temporary and permanent food events as well as mobile vending operations.
  • Food packing material manufacturers along with suppliers require approval from MD.

Request for NOC for Food license Dubai

This service enables you to get an NOC to complete the process of company formation connect to activities of food. DM permit is known as a main requirement after receiving the trade license. It includes the following activities: fish shops, vegetables along with fruits selling shops, coffee shops, and restaurant; re-packing of dry food, mills and permission for storage tanks of cleaning water etc.

Requirement for food license Dubai

  • All food license Dubai should have a legitimate trade license; which is from the relevant government authorities before the start of business.
  • The Food stuff trading business operator has to prefer the proper business activity at the time of availing the license.
  • The company activity on the trade license of Food license Dubai has to be link to food. And the license must state the exact activity of the company.
  • Food license Dubai must not perform any additional activities; other than the activity mention in the trade license.

Food business is a cost effective business industry in Dubai. And Middle East is the hub of delicious cooking from across the globe. This is why it is one of the main reasons; that people travel to such places in the UAE like Dubai. So that to have a taste of world cooking along with enhances their experience of travelling.

Rising numbers of investors and most of them are looking for a restaurant license in Dubai. Nearly 2100 restaurants have been open in Dubai just in last 18 months.

People are interested to try new taste, specialties of new food as well as tempt their taste grows. After all, one of the best parts of travelling to an overseas country; is to make a fuss of local and global food.

Rules for Food license Dubai

Such minimum condition will apply to food license Dubai. This may demand to an approve supplier of food and cold drink in the state of Dubai. In case, you are importing food from outside of Dubai. The concern authority will do an inspection in Dubai. The purpose of this inspection is to verify the term and condition set by the authority for this kind of business. And if you fail to meet the rules of the authority. Then you will not get any approval for your Foodstuff trading license in Dubai.

A food license Dubai will offer suitable resources for carrying, holding as well as displaying. Suitable way of moving units for food such as food transport; moving vehicles, boxes, trays, bins, containers, trolleys or any food contact holders shall be suitable to the regulation of Dubai. In order to carry the food, hygienically as well as safe and sound.

A food license Dubai will provide suitable food carriage units. This unit need to meet the terms and condition of hygiene requirements. So that to keep food safe from possible sources of pollution including dust and smokes etc. It is to protect food from damage, and to provide a suitable setting.

  • It will be made from such a material that will not infect the food.
  • The mover will be fresh and germ free
  • Suitable partition of different food items is requires. This is meat, vegetables, poultry, dairy, fruit, seafood and dry food or food items from nonfood items.
  • Provide good system for maintaining the temperature, humidity, air. For other conditions essential for effective control the development of germs. And for efficiently controlling the worsening of the food items.
  • The container should have temperature monitoring devices or allow fast as well as accurate temperature checking activity.

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It was a great experience to hire the services of TLD to form our food stuff trading firm in Dubai. they are very nice and knowledgeable people; they have form our company on time and save our time and money.

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Special thanks from the team of “ADS trading Company”. We are very satisfied from the services of TLD consultancy. I strongly recommend this business setup company for the formation of food stuff trading company setup in Dubai.

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Food stuff trading business in Dubai

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TLD consultancy had setup our food stuff trading business in Dubai last year; since then they are our agent for representing us in every consultancy issue. The only thing which I love about this firm is that they are always on time. Thank you for your kind support.

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I highly recommend them for high quality services and very low consultancy fee.


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We got our food stuff trading license in Dubai with the help of TLD. During this time we have found so many hurdles in the process and in Documentation; but thanks to TLD they are the super hero. They solve every problem like a piece of cake for us. They deliver on time.

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Food stuff trading license in Dubai

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I contact them for the food stuff trading license in Dubai; and I have found that their service ware soundly good. The flow of information ware extremely error free, I have got all the information which I needed for my License. Thank you guys

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I am strongly recommend this agency for company formation and visa process; because of two reasons; 1) they are reliable and long lasting partners, 2) they deliver on time.

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