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A gymnasium or a gym is a cover area for gymnastics, athletics, and other such services. The gym are usually furnish with barbells, weights, parallel bars, jumping boards, running areas, etc.— in short, it has all the tools that a person need in their hunt for a fit and healthy body. It is no wonder that the people of Dubai are fascinate with looking stunning, beautiful, and healthy; that is why the highest numbers of gym license are issue in Dubai. This growing fashion of making an ideal body has led to a high demand for gym license in Dubai.

In 2016 the UAE’s fitness business was expected to grow $380 million according to the Statista report. Many Fitness tycoons and firms have set up their base in the UAE. For instance, the American fitness giant Gold’s Gym set up its Asian head office in Dubai.

The UAE was able to invite all of these expat investors due to its perfect policy changes. These reforms in the rules as well as regulations have given rise to plenty business opportunities in this sector in the UAE.

Best Approach to get a Gym license in Dubai

The main decision you will have to make regarding your gym license in Dubai; is going to be: what kind of business structure is best suitable for it?

The answer to this question is simple and is equally clear. An LLC is the best option for you.

5 Things to Consider Before Starting a Gym Business in Dubai

Now, that you have decided to get a gym license in Dubai is the business venture of your dreams; you need to get approval from the DED to get this venture on the road:

  1. Approvals from Juvenile as well as Sports Welfare Authority
  2. Health Department
  3. The Emirates Body building as well as Weight lifting Committee
  4. A part from these, your age should be more than 21 years to apply for a gym license in Dubai.
  5. You should also submit a MOA and a signed lease to the designated authorities.

Opening a Gym Business in Dubai Free Zone

In case you want to get a gym license in Dubai free zone; then you should keep in mind the following activities are allowed in your gym:

  1. Tai-chi, Yoga as well as other such type of a reflective sports
  2. Exercises and also other forms of training for losing weight
  3. Massage of many type that soothe as well as relax the body.

Activities that are Strictly Illegal in the Gym license in Dubai

The following list of work is ban by the authorities and so you are not allowed to perform this in your gym business in Dubai.

  • You are not allows to perform any medical or physiological treatment in your gym.
  • You are not allows to use any equipment that is used for diagnoses such as Ultra sound or X-ray machines.
  • Clients with any kind of infectious virus are not allows in the gym facility.
  • Do not use your gym area for staff accommodation.
  • Noisy sports activities are not allow in the gym.
  • You are not allows to hire a Female staff for men only gym license in Dubai.
  • The entry of men are not allows in female only gyms, fitness, as well as wellness clubs.
  • A qualified nutritionist will only propose pills, shakes other kinds of weight loss or weight gain prescription.

Requirements for a Gym Business in Dubai

Location for gym license in Dubai

The best location for a gym in a building is the ground floor of the building; and make sure that the tools install can only be used for the activities which are allows in your gym license in Dubai.

Lighting and Ventilation in Gym Business in Dubai

The gym area should be passably ventilated and should be well set alight. Make sure you have sufficient exhaust fans as well as fans that can handle the load of the entire gym area.

Your leading goal should be to keep the gym nice even after days’ worth of use.

Ready for any Emergency Situation

In case of any crisis situation, the gym must be set to handle it. In addition, you must have a fully functional first aid kit ready at all times.

Qualified Staffs in gym business in Dubai

Hire only qualified staffs for your gym business in Dubai. The staff must have a license from the Department of Health and Medical Services (DOHMS).

Clean as well as Hygienic Places

Keep clean as well as hygienic place that are up to the criteria set by the DoHMS.

Appropriate Clothing

The staff, gym instructors, trainers, masseuse and the patrons must all obey to the gym dress code. Anyone not wearing appropriate clothing should be led off the gym area instantly.

No Smoking

Dubai is a no smoking zone. Therefore, smoking is also ban indoors. You should post proper sign board that informs the client of the gym about your no smoking policy.

How to Open a Gym Business in Dubai?

In case you want to understand how to open a gym business in Dubai; then first you need to understand the requirements for that which are as follows:

  1. Submit Photocopies of your passport as well as (visit or resident) visa.
  2. Get the NOCs for the first approval as well as approval for the Company Trade name.
  3. Sign the MOA that you have drafted and agree on its terms with your UAE local partner.
  4. Tie up the Location of your Gym and sign the lease.
  5. Submit all the requires document to DED which we have mentioned above and receive a receipt.
  6. Pay all the dues.
  7. Collect your trade license in Dubai.

Now, you are more than a ready for the gym business in Dubai. You can now legally perform all the activities list on the gym license.

Setting up a gym business in Dubai requires general planning and sagacity. It is better for all to hire a business set up consultants; like us, who, with years of experience under their belt; can guide you better in the business setup process.

In addition, we provide all the services which you need to start a successful business setup in Dubai.

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