Technical services license in Dubai

Dubai is a best place to start a technical services company. Because it has a good intentional location in the world. UAE is a center place which connects the Asia and the Europe for trading market. It is very easy to start a company with technical services license in Dubai. There are 2 main zones where we can get a Technical services license in Dubai. One is mainland market and the second one is a free trade zone. Both zones have their own pros and cons. People always prefer Dubai, if they are looking to move to UAE for business setup. The selection of Dubai is because of easy procedure of company setup. Company in Dubai enjoys low tax police as well as complete repatriation of income and capital.

Technical services license in Dubai Mainland

If you are looking to start a technical services license in Dubai local market which is mainland. Then you need a local partner to setup this kind of company. For this kind of company the governing authority is a Dubai DED. And also note that the share of the local sponsor will be at least 51% in the company. And you as an expat partner will get only 49% of share in the business.

Benefits of Technical services license in Dubai Main land

  • The Technical services license in Dubai is 100 per cent tax free. So there is no corporate tax and there is no personal tax.
  • You are allowed to provide your services to all kind of companies in UAE.
  • There is no minimum capital requirement for a main land license
  • If you get your Technical services license in Dubai then you can also apply for gov’t project as well.
  • You are completely allows to work in Dubai local market.
  • There is no currency restriction on technical services license in Dubai Main land.
  • Also let me tell you one of the main points of this type of a license. That is there are no limits on getting work visa.
  • You can select your office space in any part of the Dubai
  • It will empower you 100% to repatriate your capital as well as income
  • It has a stress free legal procedure to get the license as well as it has easy setup process.
  • Audit report is not needed for this type of a license.

Technical services license cost in Dubai

Technical services license cost in Dubai depend on a few factor. Like the office space, 5% of annual office rent will be added in the license. And also local sponsor fee, license registration and notarization cost. All these combine show the Technical services license cost in Dubai.

Description Frequency AED
License fee + 5% of annual office / shop rent Annual 10,000
Corporate Sponsor or Local Service Agent fee Annual 5,000
License Registration Service Fee One time 5000
Local Service Agent Agreement drafting, translation and notarizing One time 1500
Total 21500

Technical services license in Dubai free trade zone

Dubai free trade zone is another area where you can open a technical services company. The charm of this type of license is that it allows you 100% ownership. This is the main purpose for technical services license in Dubai. This type of a license brings you a number of doles. That is, it is free from all kind of income tax; also it allows you a 100% ownership of a company. 100% exile is allowed for this type of services. Free trade zone offer a very simple setup procedure.

Form of technical services company formation

  • It is a form of in demand company
  • Technical services Company formation in Dubai is an LLC type of company. Where all the shareholder are only liable for their own share in the capital.
  • Several type of a technical work is allowed in such type of a license.

What we offer for technical services license in Dubai

Our services for technical company formation are the following;

  • We will assist you to setup a technical services company. And we will give you an honest and trustworthy UAE sponsor.
  • We will help you in both areas which are free zone and a mainland. We will fully support you for your technical services license in Dubai in DED. Our team will assist you for chamber of Commerce registration and also in all free zone authority.
  • We will offer you our help in Labor card / Immigration Card Processing.
  • Our PRO Services will be helpful in your day to day task.
  • Our PRO team will assist you in preparing of MOA
  • We offer you license renewal in Dubai; as well as liquidation of the company.
  • Also our team will help you for opening a bank account in Dubai.

Activity of technical services license in Dubai

Tell now we have circled a few stuffs about technical services license. Now it is the time to tell you about the activity of this type of a license. Following is the list of allow activity for this kind of a license.

  • Air-Condition and ventilation
  • Plumbing as well as Sanitary Contracting
  • Air filtration System Installation and its Maintenance
  • Installation of Electro mechanical Equipment
  • Painting contracting as well as control apparatus Installation
  • Also an insulation Contracting and Electricity Transmission
  • Plaster as well as Cladding Works
  • Also complete Cleaning Services of building.
  • Floor work and also you can do a wall Tiling Works
  • Carpentry as well as Flooring Contracting
  • Engraving as well as Ornamentation Works
  • Also wall paper fixing and a Concrete Works
  • Satellite equipment Installation and also its Maintenance
  • Electrical Fittings also Partition and Ceiling Contracting

You can also get information about Real estate license in Dubai, and cleaning company license in Dubai

How to get a technical services license in Dubai

The main thing you need to do before making any decisions is to engage a business setup advisor. He will manage your application on your behalf. This gives you a confidence that your application is in good hands and will be process on time as fast as possible. Once you hire a business setup consultant. You can get your technical services license in Dubai just in 3 simple steps.

Decide on your target area which is free zone or mainland

One of the most vital decisions is that to decide whether to open it in a free zone or on the mainland. There are many benefits attached to both. Company set up in Dubai main land allows you to offer your services across the whole of the UAE. It will also enable you to take on government project as well.

On the other hand free trade zone offer you cheap license packages and a range of other benefits. Free trade zone offer you a quick and easy set up process. I will also allow you some financial motivations such as tax exemptions and no restriction on currency.

The selection of free zone or mainland will depend on the nature of your business. But don’t you worry about it as we will help you make this decision. We will advise you on the best option for your specific requirements.

Choosing a name for your company

Next step in company formation is to choose a company name. There are a few things which you need to keep in mind when selecting a name. You must follow the strict rule which is set for naming conventions. Once again, we as a business setup advisor can help you in this step.

In short, you need to avoid any violent or offensive language. You need to avoid names of famous groups. You also need to avoid acronyms if naming your company after yourself. For example Jhon Son Trading, rather than J S Trading. But also note that your name selection is subject to availability.

 Making your technical services license application

The last step of the process is creating your technical services license application. If you are going to setup your company in Dubai mainland. Then you can file your application directly in the DED. If your selection is to setup in one of the free trade zone; then you can apply directly to that particular free trade zone. In both cases, we as a company setup advisor can manage this process for you.

When filling your application, you are bound to arrange the following documents:

  • Completed application form
  • Passport copy of the owner
  • 2 passport size color photos
  • NOC from current employer, if the owner is an employee
  • Memorandum of Association (MOA)

It is essential to know that the MOA must be notarized from a notary public. This process typically takes around one day.

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I am really fascinated with the speedy and efficient services of TLD. My company set up agent, Miss. Sara was very professional, always go to my queries and kept me informed during the entire process. I will without any question recommend using their services for a hassle free as well as smooth business setup experience.

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I highly recommend TLD team for company formation! All the staffs are very professional and responsive. Keep it up Team

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Technical services license in Dubai

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I used the services of TLD to setup my technical services company in Dubai, which was done remotely. It was a great experience; the team was very professional, and delivered on time. I highly recommend TLD for any sort of company setup in Dubai.

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