Real estate license in Dubai

Real estate license in Dubai is one of the interesting license in the region. To register real estate company in Dubai you have a great number of option. Like real estate developers, real estate manufacture as well as a real estate brokers or agents. Business men are thrilling to invest in real estate in the area. The government of Dubai is frequently organizing the region most central Real Estate events. These events attract 10,000 visitors along with over 300 exhibitors for each day ranging from brokers to developers. These events are organizing to broadcast new projects. That’s why the demand for real estate company set up in Dubai is very much high.

How to get real estate license in Dubai

Dubai is the only state in UAE which is not depending on oil and petroleum. Dubai has very low oil as well as petroleum assets. But Dubai covers up such weakness by starting other projects. Like high degree of import and export, business, tourism as well as infrastructure etc. for development of the state. Business friendly policies by Dubai government. And political stability in the country permit Dubai to act as a global leader in business opportunities. So Real Estate company setup in Dubai is one of the best opportunities for emigrant to invest in Dubai. Thus they are looking for how to get real estate license in Dubai.

Property management license Dubai

Property management license Dubai allow a firm to offer legitimate property management services. This contains contracting with clean-up, maintenance and companies of security running the affairs of administration of real property. Also it contains agreement with real estate brokers to produce vacant units of real estate. These firms may not offer services of brokerage for the sale and resale or rent of real property.

Property management license Dubai

  • Activity Code 702006
  • Activity Group Real estate
  • License Type Professional

Activity Description: This type of a license allows you to handle and manage properties. It also enables you to contract with the firms and point your finger on cleaning, maintenance as well as security services. Also perform the administrative problems for the owner of property. And arrange lease brokers to get tenants for not in use units in the structure. This type of real estate license in Dubai is not allowing you to sell or lease a property.

How to get real estate license in Dubai for buyer and seller

Such service enhances your confidence applying to offer brokerage services for renting real properties. This service is available to companies that take steps as link between land owner as well as tenants. These firm offer their good services in return for some commissions. And their liability ends upon execution of the related agreements.

  • Activity Code : 702001
  • Activity Group : Real estate
  • License Type : Commercial

Activity Description: Includes firms which deals with buying as well as selling of property performing as brokers between the owners and buyers. The purpose ends with the signing of the agreement as well as leading receipt of settled commission.

  • Activity Code : 701001
  • Activity Group : Real estate
  • License Type : Commercial License

Activity Description: Includes firms engaging in buy as well as sell along with advertising real estate. For example residential and non-residential buildings and land. These firms are not allowed to perform the activity of Real Estate Development.

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How to start real estate license in Dubai

The main point to consider before going on for how to get a real estate license in Dubai. That is, only a UAE national can hold a real estate company in Dubai. And also keep in view that one partner can only obtain one license of such company. So it means that you need finding a local partner; who does not have any other real estate company on his or her name. UAE national will possess 51% shares of the company; but you can make an agreement of different earnings share with him. But as per the law of having local sponsor does not affect; in case you are going to set up your own company in a free zone or starting a foreign company.

Before looking for how to register real estate Company in Dubai, you have to do some market research. You can do such study by taking an advice from a business setup consultant. But reading local newspapers or visit to a conference on local business will only give you some idea of real estate business. But it will not teach you on how to register real estate company in Dubai. So only an expert business consultant knows the procedure rules and regulation. Once you get the knowledge about the real estate business in UAE. It will be much easier for you to choose the suitable type of company. And also it will be easy for you to setup in the mainland or at one of the free zones. Or you should work as a broker for an already recognized real estate company in Dubai.

How to get real estate license in Dubai

The early step for How to get real estate license in Dubai is the registration of trade name. Such trade name should be associate with the nature of your business. So it means you need to use the word of real estate, developer or broker. That is if you are using such activities in your business.

The real course of action to get real estate license in Dubai will start after getting the trade name. You can put a request for advance registration of RERA in Dubai. You need to pass RERA test after completing real estate course of 20 hours. The fee of the test is AED 12,020 in case of a post-secondary degree. Otherwise, the duration of such course is 49 hours and it will charge AED 12,020. It is an important course as per the order of Dubai government. The purpose of this course is to know the basic about your business. After you earn a RERA certificate, you need to sign the MOA “Notary Public”. And after that the authority will issue license for your company.

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Real estate license in Dubai

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