General trading license in Dubai

General trading license in Dubai
General trading license in Dubai

Trade business is one of the most important businesses in Dubai. Dubai has always known as business hub for a worldwide trade due to its strategic location. With improvement in trade activities, the demand for general trade license in Dubai has increase very much. Now, there is also a big market in Dubai for such types of products; as there is a large emigrant population living in Dubai. Dubai is a trading center. And general trading license in Dubai is one of the finest forms of trading. Because it will offer you the right to trade more than one item. It is a bit costly but more widely held in Dubai. So before going in to the detail of general trade license in Dubai; let me tell you some vital as well as basic facts about Dubai license.

Before you can start your trading in the Dubai; you must have a license from DED or from any Dubai free trade zone. DED and the whole Dubai free trade zone offer general trading license in Dubai. The holder of such license allows carrying out more than one activity with the same license. Our consultant will help you to apply for your general trading license in Dubai trade free zone; or in Dubai main land. They will also support you in the process as well as in documentation.

General trading license in Dubai

It will give you the right to carry out more than one activity. Or simply you can say that it will permit you to perform mix type of activity. You can trade a great deal of products in general trading license in Dubai; like cosmetic product, health product, construction material trading, food item; and dry fruits etc. You can also ask our formation consultant for complete list of item; which are allow in general trade license in Dubai.

Our set up consultant in Dubai will support you; so that to identify which license is good for your activity. Once we identified you the most appropriate option; then we can start the process of getting the license.

Type of trade license in Dubai

There are three major types of a trade license in Dubai for you; that is if you want to open company in Dubai main land. At this step let me tell you that the selection of one of the type depends on the nature of requirements. All these three types of trade license permit you to trade locally without any problem. Following are the 3 main types of a trade license in Dubai:

  • Professional – such type of trade license in Dubai; is issue to those who offer professional service, like IT, marketing, artisans, and craftsmen.
  • Commercial – such type of a trade license in Dubai; is provide to those who are involved in any sort of local trading of goods.
  • Industrial – such type of trade license in Dubai; is given to those who are involved in any type of industrial operation.

General trading license in Dubai comes under the commercial license.

General Trading Company Activities

  • Activity Code : 521904
  • Activity Group : Other Trading Activities
  • License Type : Commercial

Activity Description: General trading license in Dubai will authorize you to involve in imports; and exports of things and trading of the allow product; the activities which need special approvals, can also be traded upon attaining NOC from the main authority.

How to get a general trading license in Dubai

As discuss above, if you are capable to keep your business activities in line with the regulatory as well as legal requirements of the Dubai; then things will become easier when you request for a general trade license in Dubai. Following are the major steps you need to take to acquire your license.

  • First of all select the name of your company
  • Submit application for initial approval
  • Notarize of MOA in DED.
  • Submit all required company documents
  • You also need to apply for a company card at the Ministry of Labor
  • Get your native workers visa from the Ministry of Labor in Dubai

Benefits of general trading license in Dubai

  • 100% tax free from all sort of tax
  • No audit requires.
  • No capital requirements for a General trade license in Dubai
  • You can also control your company from any part of Dubai
  • Trouble free legal procedures to acquire the trade license in Dubai
  • There is no currency restrictions for general trade license in Dubai
  • This type of a license will give you full permit to trade more than one item in one single license.
  • Simple setup process to get a trade license in Dubai.
  • Easy to take visa for employee
  • And the best part is that you are free to pick office locations anywhere in Dubai
  • A general trading company in Dubai will give you a full permit to repatriate of capital along with profits

Key point of a general trade license in Dubai

Local and global trading

A general trading license in Dubai will allow you to trade within Dubai and in other states of UAE; as there are unlimited chances for profit in the local markets. But if you want to trade internationally by using your general trading license in Dubai; then you can also do that without any limitation.

Structure of General trade license in Dubai

The Structure of General trading in Dubai is fall under the LLC; where you require at least 2 shareholders and maximum of 50. If you want to open your company in Dubai main land; then you need to link with a local; where he will doing as a local sponsor. Also note that the local sponsor will hold 51% of share in the company; and you will enjoy 49% if you are an expat. But free trade zone offer 100% ownership to foreigner to such type of license.

Tax free trading in general trade license in Dubai

Dubai has very much of free trade zones; that allows you to trade in a tax free style. So in these free trade zones you are not responsible to pay any tax on any income. Majority of the free trade zone in Dubai offer general trading activities. So you can have an option to start your general trading in one of such free trade zone. Tax free trading permits you to save a lot.

Visa eligibility for General trade license

General trade license in Dubai have no restriction on to apply for visa for your staff. It completely depends on the size of your Office work space; the greater you have office the more you can get the visas. Some free zone offer general trading license in Dubai with flexi desk; but they are sanction only for a few visas.

You can use all types of banking facilities for staff and corporate banking. For the trade license renewal in Dubai you do not need to submit audit report. If you are looking to trade more then one product in a one license; then this type of a license is the best option for you.