Rent a car License in Dubai

Dubai is a best place for travel and tourism. There are so many tourists who visit Dubai as well as the residents who live in Dubai they enjoy these places. It is observe that they use rent a car in Dubai. As it is more useful option than using a taxis or public transport. So this open an opportunity in the field of rent a car business in Dubai. Rent a car license in Dubai is one of the most demanding licenses among the emigrant. And it is also common because it facilitates visitor, expat residence along with local Emirati.

Dubai is a place which is best professional on wheels. The city is planned for cars; most key roads are keeping up in superb condition as well as the signage. Particularly in Dubai, it is well planned and easy to follow. A part from the practice of driving on Dubai clean wide roads; there are a number of other profits to renting a car here:

Scope of a Rent a car License in Dubai

Demand for a rent a car license in Dubai is increasing over the past few years. The Following are the key scope of the rent a car license in Dubai.

Rent a car trade license in Dubai is a profitable business. It is a fact that Dubai Taxi is very expensive. In case you hire a taxi for one day it will charge you 10 times more than renting a car. So hiring a taxi for one day can make a dent in your entire travel budget.

Dubai has a lot of other travel options. Like public transport which is bus as well as metro train. But still it does not cover all the important areas of Dubai city. And is not always trustworthy and are available only in day time. Although with the opening of Dubai metro system in 2009; the transport of Dubai has reformed dramatically. But still it requires extending their reach to some of the more far off zone of the city. Also it only exists for travel within Dubai.

Rent a car business license in Dubai

A Rent a car business setup in Dubai is right now on top. Because it is very time consuming to us a public transport for travelling in between the cities. So in such case hiring a car authorize you to visit nearby emirates such as Sharjah and Abu Dhabi with relative comfort.

Opening a car rental business is also a handy business. Because majority of the small, medium and large companies prefer to rent a car for its outside work. This is for each of their driver to deliver documents along with items. Or for their consultant to meet the client on the client location.

Starting a car rental business is also a gainful business. Majority of the locals and expat are passionate to drive a luxury car. But only a few can afford to buy it. So majority of the time people depends on rent a car business in Dubai to drive their dream car. A Rent a car license in Dubai will allow you to provide luxury car for a rent. This is for a short or long term to the residence of a UAE.

Rent a car license in Dubai is also a demanding one. Because most of the local and emigrant residence of UAE love to go for desert safari, hell stations. Knocking and exploring wadis as well as find to see the nature. For these kind of tours you need an off road car which we also called a 4 wheel drives. So everyone taking a 4 wheel drive for such trips from rent a car business setup in Dubai.

Rent a car license in Dubai

  • Name: Car Rental
  • Activity Code: 711105
  • License Type: Commercial
  • Activity Description: Rent a car license in Dubai empowers a firm to rent auto mobiles for short periods of time. That is without a driver, to those who don’t have their own car. Also travelers who are out of town. Or owners whose car is damage or destroy in incident. And are waiting for the repair.

Rent a car business setup in Dubai

The scope and fame of rent car business formation in Dubai can be check; from the number of rent a car company. that are working in Dubai. There is hundreds of rent a car business in Dubai accessible for car hire in Dubai. In this some of them are big international companies such as Avis, Hertz, Dollar and Budget rent a car. But the most of them are smaller, and are completely locally owned companies. But you can’t say that market is saturated in this business. There are more companies operation in the market which also show the worth of this type of a business.

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Rent a car business in Dubai

October 7, 2021

They are very professional consultant. highly recommended.

Telha Mahmood

Rent a car license in Dubai

September 17, 2021

The team of TLD is fully aware of every situation and every hurdle which comes in the process of company set up. They can handle tough situation very easily. They are very professional in their job. If you are someone who want to set up a Rent a car business in Dubai then these are the people you may need to contact.

Sager from Sega Rent a Car

Thank you TLD

September 12, 2021

I would love to say a few words about the quality of TLD Consultancy,

1. They are very professional.

2. No false promises from their side. Whatever they said to me they delivered.

3. They are very polite and humble people.

4. The services which they have given to us were on the high quality side.

5. They offer smooth and easy processing methods.

6. I have seen a high quality of transparency in their dealing.

7. They were ahead of schedule.

8. They deliver on time. They don’t have any delays in their process.

9. The most important thing is that they charges you very less as compared to the other firm


Thank you TLD for your support

September 9, 2021

Thank you TLD for your support; I recommend the services of TLD consultancy for all of you; because of their knowledge about the rules and regulation, and 2nd due to their honesty.

BMS Rent a Car


September 4, 2021

The TLD team is the best when it comes to setting up a business in Dubai. They are very supportive in the entire setup process of my rent a car license in Dubai. They have all the answers and options for any situation and always provide me with any information I need.

I have referred many people to TLD and would thoroughly recommend them to anyone looking to open a business in Dubai.

Mohammad Ali

Rent a car license

August 27, 2021

They are very professional people; they have very professionally done my company setup in Dubai. They guide me in every step; and very wisely select a trade activity for my rent a car license in Dubai Thank you TLD and the entire team.

MA. Safaee