how to start an audit firm in Dubai

If you are looking is to get some information about how to start an audit firm in Dubai; then you are on a right place to find the entire thing you need to start. We will guide you to get audit license in Dubai. There are many ins and outs to support the idea of audit firm registration in uae.

But the question is; is it a right time to think about how to start an audit firm in Dubai. The answer is yes; because due to the events coming in UAE like Expo and the FIFA world cup in GCC. So it is a best time not only for audit license in Dubai; but also for any other business setup in UAE. All the main dealer financier as well as tycoon have eyes on Expo; and they are looking for a chance to launch their business in this type of event. So you can also promote your firms in the same way the other firms are looking to promote their firm and become an international brand.

How to get audit license in Dubai

The main reasons which will make you thing about audit license in Dubai are the handiness of professional. Many individuals in this part of the world are coming to get some job. As they have in their mind that UAE is a good place for them to work. Audit firms need experts with good experience in audit as well as in accounting. You as an owner of the audit firm can hire these experts easily. Also the visa processing is very simple and very easy and requires less time as compare to other part of the world. So this makes UAE as a good looking place for this type of company setup. UAE has a very sound market for job seekers; so as a firm you can get benefits by hiring fresh audit experts.

UAE has zero income tax there are no personal income tax; very low value added tax as well as zero percent corporate tax. So you as an owner of an audit firm can save valuable money and use it to increase long term assets of the firm. Therefore your audit firm will grow quickly in this part of a world; because the cash which you save can also be used for other running cost of the firm.

How to start an audit firm in Dubai

  • Activity Code: 6920001
  • Activity Group: Accounts
  • License Type: Professional License
  • Activity Description: auditing license in Dubai will allow you to practice accounting services; and it will allow you to do the audit of accounts of companies. It will also allow you to make full analysis and auditing of all kinds of accounts and books keeping; the outcome of its business, reports on its financial position.

How to get audit license in Dubai

An audit license in Dubai will allow you to offer auditing services to other companies. If you start audit services firm then your services are always be in demand. But remember this demand brings a lot of competition as well as plenty of customers. In fact, this is one of the high growing fields; and it grows up about 25% in last decade. So we will suggest you to plan your business wisely and grow good associations with your customers. And you will be able to develop your company successfully.

Define your line of work. As a consultant, you will emphasis on providing services in the field of accounting for other firms. While you may only proceeds on the account for an organization as a full service contract out accounting department; you may also choose to deal more specific services; for which some company do not want to hire a full time employee. So auditing, forensic accounting, professional witness services as well as financial analysis are more possible to be outsource to consulting firms.

First get a degree and Exam for audit license in Dubai. You need to have accounting degree and relevant experience in this field. You also need to pass an exam in Dubai to be eligible to start an audit firm in Dubai.

How to get an audit license in Dubai

Every company needs a license to work in Dubai. You will also need a trade license to start an audit firm in Dubai. You may need to consider an LLC setup to defend yourself from personal liability. The last but the most important step in the start of audit firm is market your services properly. As you will attract your clients who need to trust you with their finances; making face to face meeting by joining networking events will serve as one of your main marketing efforts. Make sure your clients well aware of what you are offering; create a 30 second elevator pitch so that your client can easily recognize your services.

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Good services

November 22, 2021

I would simply say that they offer me a low cost consultancy for an amazing service. Their team is experienced, professional, and very much knowledgeable. If in case you want to start your business in Dubai; then you are on the right place.

Varsha Ijaz

Audit trade license in Dubai

September 8, 2021

I have got my Audit trade license in Dubai. Thank you sara and thank you TLD consultancy! you are one of the best in this market. They assist all their clients with open heart.

Firdous Jamal

Audit license in Dubai

August 23, 2021

For me in my view I am super happy with the service of this agency. Their consultant picks me up by car in the morning (on time), we went to do the curt work; and then we went straight to another office to do the initial approval for my audit firm registration. The whole process took like 3 hour, super quick. Also the consultant was super friendly and has a great positive attitude

Regina Mitchell

Audit firm setup in Dubai

August 4, 2021

I have got an outstanding service from this consulting company; they have very experience advisors in their panel, and they have full know how of the Audit firm formation in Dubai. I am very satisfied form their quick response.

Marly Fernandes