Coffee shop license in Dubai

Dubai has made its room among the world’s top commercial hubs. Achieving this status is a result of its rules adopted for the growth of different types of commercial activities. The gov’t is ready to provide facilities to big firms as well as small SMEs and businessmen alike. Due to support and scope of small business in Dubai, quite a lot of small companies are opening and flourishing in Dubai. Small savers are more vigilant to choose their business as they can’t afford losing their investment. In this case, the best options for these who want to invest in the food are looking for Coffee shop license in Dubai.

It is because this industry is on continuous rise in Dubai; and has not been affected by VAT as well as other economic issues. You need lot of investment for business like restaurant setup in Dubai. But the most cost effective and money making food license is the Coffee shop license in Dubai.

Advantages of Coffee shop license in Dubai

  • There is no doubt that the process to get a coffee shop license in Dubai is not only easy; but also the most cost effective among all the food industries in Dubai. You need a very small area to start your coffee shop; and there are very few things needed to serve clients in any coffee shop.
  • As compared to other food area like hotels and restaurants; the people generally sit for a short amount of time to enjoy coffee and seats are soon available for new coming clients. This simply cuts the cost of additional equipment.
  • As compared to start a hotel in Dubai; this is a small setup and the requirements for its set up are also few. You don’t need to submit large number of documents in different gov’t authority. The time for approval of your application is also quite short.

How to start a coffee shop in Dubai

But due to these advantages it does not mean that getting your coffee shop license in Dubai has no challenges. In fact, you will face tough times at least in the start due to tough competition and a number of other factors. Following are important steps that you can take to reduce your issues related to get a coffee shop license in Dubai; and get the most out of the benefits available here for your small business.

  • Present something unique
  • Choose a suitable location
  • Marketing plan
  • Getting appropriate license

Present something unique

No matter how vital or choosy your business area is; but still you will go to face competition from nearby coffee shop in Dubai. In this case, the top policy you can adopt is to attract more clients towards your place; always offer something new as well as unique that is not available in other shops.

  • There are a lot of types of coffees existing and you can present coffee with some new flavor
  • Apart from that, you can also bring some new food products; that is along with coffee that is not available in another place. There can be new pastries, cakes, snacks etc. for this purpose
  • You can also offer some free services like free Wi-Fi or let the customers enjoy their own eatables with coffee you provide in your shop

These features will make your shop unique and will result in bringing more clients.

Choose a suitable location for Coffee shop license in Dubai

The most important thing to consider before opening a coffee shop; is that to select an area according to your budget as well as requirement. Try to choose a zone with high population as well as less number of coffee shops. In this case we recommend a commercial area is the best due to arrival of large number of clients on regular basis. If the area is classy and you are having low budget; then try to take a place in the area that is easily get to through roads or train.

Coffee shops can be started in Dubai main land and several free zones. Both places have their own pros and cons; so you need to study them according to your requirement to choose the place. This is a main step before starting your coffee shop; so there is no problem taking time for this. Otherwise, you may lose your money on the business that should be profitable.

Getting appropriate coffee shop license in Dubai

After seeing and planning all vital issues for the growth of your coffee shop; then you will need to deal with the most central part of taking right type of license; that is for your coffee shop. Opening coffee shop will require you to take a professional license in Dubai.

This license will allow you to sell coffee as well as other small food items for your clients; which includes brownies, biscuits, cakes, soft drinks, pastries etc. You are not certified to sell meal in your coffee shop; and you will need a separate license and approval for this purpose. You need to submit many documents in DM and other related authorities to get this coffee shop license in Dubai.

Marketing plan for Coffee shop license in Dubai

Just starting your coffee shop in the right zone; and providing required products is not sufficient to get your business going. You must need a full marketing plan to reach out to clients; not only in your area but also in nearby places. This also depends on your investment. If in case you want to divert large number of clients from different parts; then you need a hard online marketing. This marketing can be done through billboard in Dubai or in print and electronic media.

But most of the people prefer marketing on minor scale for local people according to their capacity. In this case, banner ads in nearby area as well as on roads are very suitable. Another key thing to success in marking is always advertise something new for your potential clients. It will not only increase your client base for the time being; but can assist you to get clients on regular basis.

This is truly a long process for planning to start coffee shop in Dubai; because you need to get information about suitable location as well as marketing plan; and most important is to get license from authorities. But you don’t need to worry about it. We can assist you fully from step one to the last for setting up your coffee shop in any part of Dubai. You just need to hand over the document to us; and we will help you in getting the job done completely.

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Coffee shop setup in Dubai

September 17, 2021

It is very professional company. I highly recommend them for coffee shop setup in Dubai.

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Coffee shop license in Dubai

September 9, 2021

I have got my coffee shop license “Tea Lee”. It was a brilliant experience; they were very quick to respond and were very transparent in their dealing. I especially prize Mrs. Sara the one who was assign to our company set up. And complete the task on time. We the team of “Tea Lee” coffee shop are very thankful to TLD.

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Coffee shop license in Dubai

September 6, 2021

It was a superb experience. Every procedure was very smooth. Things got a lot stress free for me due to the support of Miss Sara. She was always there as a 24/7 support, very friendly and gets the job done very easily for you. I would definitely recommend TLD and its team to my entire business circle.


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September 4, 2021

I had the pleasure to work with Sara on my paper work; she was very friendly, always available for my job, responsive and very professional overall. I had a very nice experience and I got my coffee shop license in Dubai in a quick short and acceptable time. Sara thanks for a job well done, I am looking forward to your continuous support in the future.

Ibrahim Mustafa

Coffee shop in Dubai

August 16, 2021

Without any doubt TLD Consultancy is one of the best company setup consultancy firms in Dubai. These guys provide priceless support with the basics of setup, and a huge variety of other advice and service that has helped us to setup our coffee shop in Dubai.

Mushfique ur Raheem