Professional license in Dubai

Dubai is one of the rapid emerging states in the UAE. It has always attraction for overseas investor to set up their base in Dubai. It is because Dubai offers a low tax system. And investors enjoy complete security as well as exile of profit along with capital. Dubai also enjoys a stable economy. But still some of the investors are afraid of the rule (51% share) of local for a license. This type of a license in Dubai allows you to hold 100% ownership of your firm. And also the beauty attach with this is that you need a local service agent; in place of local sponsor to form a professional license in Dubai.

We offer to our customer the setup of professional license Dubai; that is one of the central services in UAE. You need a UAE local for this kind of a license in Dubai. UAE local will perform as a local service agent (LSA) and he will not hold any share in the company. He has no role but he will help company in attaining professional license, labor card as well as visa etc. And more highly for a professional company there is no least capital requirement in Dubai.

Professional license in Dubai

In case you are more than one partner in a professional license in Dubai. Then such a company will be called a civil company. It can only carry out professional activity and all the partners. That is who are busy in the project must be having professional degree in their particular field. An overseas company can be consider as partner in a Professional license in Dubai as long as they are link in the same line of activity in home country.

Note: – All sort of trading in Professional license in Dubai are not permitted and secondly you cannot purchase nor sales any properties. Third there is no space for transport, finance as well as banking etc. While you can enjoy to make activities like Artisans, Businessmen Service, IT services, printing and Publishing. And also Event Management, Training, Consultations, Computer Graphic Design Services, security services, typing and as photocopying; web design, repairing and as furnishing, document clearing, saloon and along with spa.

Features of civil company formation in Dubai

  • Emigrant is allow to enjoy 100% ownership
  • National of UAE shall be your local service agent.
  • No one even the local service agent LSA shall not hold any share in the company
  • LSA shall not have any direct association in the business of company.
  • The local service agents shall be paid on annually basis.
  • Only professional activities are permitted to be performed by the company.

Documents required for Professional License in Dubai

  • For gaining professional license in Dubai there is form that you need to filled and submit.
  • To provide the Copies of Passport by the whole share holder.
  • You also need to have the Jinsiya copy of your Local sponsor.
  • Sponsor has to issue NOC; if the person is already on an employment visa and secondly if the shareholder is on a visit visa then needs a UID number.
  • There are some activities that require approval in advance from concerned departments (e.g. Municipality, RTA, National Media Council etc.)

What we offer for professional license in UAE

There are a small number of things that are explained about such type of license. This is the time to tell you, that what how we can help you in professional license in UAE. Now for this type of a company setup we are capable to manage the entire process. It includes consolidate business plan along with strategic inputs:

  • Consult the concern departments for receiving approvals and permissions from these   departments
  • To Prepare Partnership agreements along with MOA
  • Identification of a reliable as well as qualified local service agent for sponsorship
  • To offer assistance in the opening of bank accounts
  • Also Provision to find proper office premises as well as location

Process of professional license in Dubai

Following are the process for receiving a professional license in Dubai

Name reservation for Dubai professional license

First step in the procedure of forming a civil company formation in Dubai is Name Reservation. You can do this from any Tasheel Centre.

Documents requires:  passport copy of any one of the partners along with proposed list of names.

Get Initial approval for civil company formation in Dubai

At this point you require to take an initial approval from DED. The (BR1) form must be filling from typing center. And also take signature of the partners for submission of this.

Documents requires: Passport copies of owners, name booking latter, also BR1 form. And also you need an NOC from sponsor if you are on an employment visa. In case you are on a visit visa or tourist visa then attach your visa copy as well.

NOTE: It is very important to take extra approval for some activities. As some activity need special approval from those external departments. You require to take these approval before you go for the initial approval.

For example; financial institutions and Banks are requiring approval from the Central Bank of the UAE. Approval is requires for built-up activity from the Ministry of Finance and Industry. Insurance companies along with other such agencies require approval from Insurance Authority in UAE. You need approval for Contracting as well as Building Maintenance as well as some other activities from Municipality. Approval from the Ministry of Health is required for Pharmacy license in Dubai as well as medical products. Approval is requiring for vehicle rental activities and for transportation from Road and Transport Authority.

Create MOA for Professional license in Dubai

It is vital to Prepare MOA with the help of a legal translator and its attestation from Notary Public. If the agreement is in Arabic then you must have a Legal translator stamp. Attestation of agreement with Local Service Agent and also Partnership Agreement are requires; which is if the firm is a Civil Company. In case you want to setup as a sole setup with 100% emigrant owner ship. Then in such case it is essential that to attest the Local Service Agent Agreement. If the firm is a Sole set up with 100% UAE national ownership, than there is no requirement of court Agreement.

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Create a Tenancy Contract for Professional license in Dubai

In this stage of civil company formation in Dubai you need to make a tenancy contract of the office or shop. Also you must to acquire approval for Tenancy contract from Municipality.

Documents required: (BR1) form, also Initial Approval, Tenancy Contract along with EJARI Registration. Planning Section of the department will put a stamp of approval on back side of the BR1 form.

Submit for final Approval of civil company formation in Dubai

At this step you must submit the attested LLC Agreement (one original copy). And also BR1 form, Name Reservation Certificate, Initial Approval, External approval (if any). And Tenancy Contract, EJARI Registration Certificate, passport copies of partners. The other thing which you need is NOC for partners (if any), at all branches of DED. The voucher of Payment will be issue at the same stage or you can take print from website. You have to pay the payment at the counter and acquire the license.

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When we decided to start a new Professional company in Dubai; we start searching online as well as off line. We found so many advisory firms and contacted them for the same; We had a few meeting as well but never satisfied from any one; or you can say they war not transparent; they hold information. But when we contacted TLD the response was prompt, precise, and to the point. They wind swept the market for us and presented us with several choices. So, now whenever we decide to use consulting services on the formation of companies abroad, opening accounts…etc. we will choose TLD Consultancy without a doubt.