Catering license in Dubai

Catering license in Dubai

Dubai is a home of tourism and also known as the best trading center. People from all over the world are coming for trading as well as for vacation; which led a high demand for food stuff industry; like restaurant, cafeteria and coffee shop as well as catering license in Dubai. If in case you wish to establish a catering license in Dubai; then you formally can provide fresh meals to all number of end customers from airlines and shops, schools and hospitals; to parties as well as events?

If you are a house wife and also you are interested in food preparation; as well as you hope for to give a professional look to your skills of cooking; or you are somebody who loves cooking as well as want such skills to convert it in to a business. If this is what you want then get ready for catering business in Dubai.

How to get a catering license in Dubai

Well to know more about how to get a catering license in Dubai let’s check a number of evidences about Dubai. As majority of you know very well that Dubai is a home for people from different parts of world. Dubai has a very hot weather conditions due to which they are always missing outdoor activities; usually, people love to hang in places like tea outlets, Shisha cafe, fast food center as well as restaurants etc. This is one of the almost all attractive points for people in food business. Thanks to multicultural inhabitants, also the multiplicity available in food items attracts the flavor buds.

The busy life routine of people and restricted annual holidays as well as very strict business surroundings; also generates the need of catering business in UAE. Huge camps of labor as well as quarters of staff for large company also produce an opportunity for catering license in Dubai.

Dubai is also well-known place of tourist; regular events along with public functions can be a great base of income; which is for the owners of catering business in UAE. There are a big number of attractive tourist spots are located in extra ordinary places; like in the middle of a dessert as well as in the middle of an ocean or at the top of hills etc., which also make room for catering license in Dubai to get ready and serve food at these places. Where it is not only a difficult task but it is very much interesting too.

Dubai is also popular for its big weddings too. People like the varieties of food and menu to be served with exciting hospitality; such events of wedding has a greater scope of earning.

How to get a catering license in Dubai

In this stage of the article we will answer the major questions about how to get a catering license in Dubai. As breaking of the market is a very challenging task; keeping in view the number of small restaurants that are already catering to the requirements of the market; but support is on its way with the support we’ve provided as following:

Identify the main mark for catering business in UAE

It is vital to determine your target market in the area; so let it be a main concern in making your plan for such business.

Options for catering business in UAE

The Department of Economic Development will issue a commercial license for this; but ahead of that, you will require to decide about the formation of your projected business. Sole formation is only permits to the citizens of UAE or GCC. Expat can start an LLC company, a mutual scheme; where an Emirate sponsor will hold 51% of the business which is obligatory.

At the same time as over recent years free zones have become increasingly appreciated; that ensure for you to maintain 100% ownership of the business, with a catering company. But it will restrict your business within that particular free zone; so make a decision that which market works best for you that will become even additional center phase.

Also keep in mind; that in fact there is a small number of options for opening a catering business in a free zone. As many industry situated in particular zones are in need of a branch on the mainland. For example, The Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority (JAFZA) classifies catering in order to obtain this; under a service license and you will need having a mother company and can open as a branch. While other free zones control it in other way so you must go through with each and every individual option. The option of a specific famous free zone is Jumeirah Lakes Towers (JLT); where restrictions on catering do not fall under a business activity; but you are in requirement of to go through for a pre-approval which takes seven to 10 working days in processing.

How to get a catering license in Dubai and approvals for it

If you are searching for How to acquire a catering license in Dubai; then keep in view the rules and regulations in work place. Even if you are starting in a free zone; you still need holding on municipality rules as well as free zone regulations.

The food control department has to issue a permit for you to form a food stuff business in Dubai; which needs certification such as copies of trade license, health and safety certifications employee health cards; lab test reports along with a no objection letter.

Don’t permit all these to discourage you. This is a developing industry, in cities that has catering suppliers demand up to a great extent.

Costs of catering business in UAE

The structure of a catering firm plays an important role in opening, depending upon your decision. You will also need focusing on few factors in the initial stage; the costs of your trade license in Dubai fee along with visas as well as rental of place and capital requirements for furnishing kitchen.

Catering license in Dubai

  • Activity Code : 521108
  • Activity Group : Food stuff supply
  • License Type : Commercial
  • Activity Description: Holding such type of a license will allow you to engage in the field of food and beverages; which is on contract with schools, shipping companies; institutes, airlines and hospitals as well as contractors with fresh meals cook and arrange in his own kitchen. Such a firm must own necessary facilities to perform the catering activities.

Premises for catering business in UAE

Again, the nature as well as size of premises will depend on the set up and company structure that you have decided.

At the time of dealing with contractors be careful; and also ensure that you cover up all aspects of the contract to put away problems in future. The DM needs granting approval for all kitchen space; that wants the submission of layout plans, kitchen design with details of finishing as well as equipment’s.

The guidelines of municipality are collective and dictate the materials used for walls; ceilings as well as floors; the ventilation along with lighting; dry and frozen, storage of freezing, dry foods as well as prep areas of food etc. So be vigilant in studying all requirements earlier than you go for an expensive blunder.

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Catering business in Dubai

Rated 5.0 out of 5
August 27, 2021

I have been asked by Mrs. Sara to share my experience about their services. So I am here to share my thought. It all started last year; when we approach them for consultancy purpose as we were looking for a window to open a catering services in some part of a Dubai. The first person which we made a contact was Mrs. Sara over the phone. She was so nice and so humble and so convincing that we fix a meeting in their office. During the meeting we asked so many questions about the structure of our venture; the options, possibilities, different steps and so on. She answers each and every question with a smile.

She shows professionalism and was so convincing that in our first meeting we hand over all the document for processing. TLD is a great company and have a great team. I highly recommend them for catering license in Dubai.

Kim Catering Services

Catering license in Dubai

Rated 5.0 out of 5
August 2, 2021

TLD consultancy had setup our catering business in Dubai last year; since then they are also providing us PRO services. The only thing which I love about this firm is that they are always on time. They delay our work. Thank you for your kind support.

Martha Shehzad