Garage license in Dubai

Garage license in Dubai

Transport is one of the most settle sectors in Dubai; thanks to the modern setup of Dubai which link the most important points in the UAE. Also, the quality of life stander and the purchase power of people in Dubai is one of the highest in the world. So the residents of Dubai prefer to have their own means of transportation; which is why they prefer to buy their own car rather than rent a car. This is why garage license in Dubai is in big demand; so if you want to offer cars maintenance and repair services; then garage license in Dubai is best for you.

Dubai is one of the hectic cities in the world. As a business hub, Dubai is providing a rewarding chance for all types of companies. But there are a few areas that have logically been promoted in Dubai. One such sector is the cars repairing. UAE has high reserves of oil products that makes prices and ease of use of such products easier in Dubai. Apart from that, the high standard of highways and roads also provide a good purpose for people to buying cars and other vans at their best.

Garage license in Dubai

Another main reason for the growth of cars repairing business; is the large quantity of wealth in Dubai and the high lifestyle of its people. Buying luxury cars is not an issue here. The rules of keeping a car are also easy in Dubai. If you have a valid driving license then you can purchase car or other vehicles. Apart from that, bank loans are also easily obtainable in Dubai and buyer with salary of just AED 4,000 can apply for car loan

So at the end of the day all these factors result in growth of the whole sector; that improves business chances for car dealers as well as car traders.

Expat investors who want to start a company for the maintenance and repair of motor car can get assistance from our company formation consultant in Dubai.

Registering a garage license in Dubai

This type of a company is best suitable for both single firm who are capable to provide motor car repair and maintenance services; but also for those who want to combine several services into one company; and who can set up a LLC in Dubai. For single owner, the sole proprietorship is the most right business form.

If expat owners want to register their garage license in Dubai; then he must need to find a local sponsor. However, they can get their garage license in Dubai without having a local partner; that is in one of the UAE free zones and will get the full ownership of the garage.

Types of businesses for garage license in Dubai

There are three main types of services for garage license in Dubai.

  • Services for auto cars;
  • Services of motor bikes;
  • Services for trucks.

You can also offer your services for special type of sectors of motor car, such as Taxis or any brand of cars.

Special licenses for car repair companies in Dubai

There are no special licenses for opening a car repair company in Dubai; however, you need to get an approval from the RTA. It is also important for the worker of the company to be qualified to provide repair and maintenance services.

How to start a car repair company in Dubai?

It is not so easy to start a car repairing shop in Dubai. But doing a proper research as well as planning, it is possible to set up a car repair shop in Dubai successfully.

The first step is to do a proper research about the market; check out what is the market trends for this type of a shop; and what will be the right area to open a car repair shop in Dubai. It will be good if you can find a place where you can get a very little risk of competition. It will help in establishing a business at the start. Set the target market and then work on the next step.

The second step is to develop a business plan; which will help you to start you garage effectively. A traditional one-page business plan will be enough for the garage license in Dubai.

Managing your finance is the next step of garage license in Dubai. In this step you will require the most time as well as ability; so that to come up with the best possible financial plan which will cover every requirement.

Determining legal business structure for garage license in Dubai is another important step, Legal structure will tell about the type of the activity which you will perform in your garage.

Once you have all these steps done in a proper way then you are good to go for Dubai license application.

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