E commerce license in Dubai

E commerce license in Dubai is a trading business license. It is just like a manual business but execute with the help of Internet. The basic origin of business is buyer and the seller. Who are sharing money along with goods over the internet. An Online business in Dubai is the process of doing business with a suitable license but over the internet. A normal business can be complete manually; and will be having a physical structure. It will only cover a small market as well as will also give you a small income. With the assistance of internet people are linking globally.

There are many people who are performing their business through Internet. Their selling point is in different parts of the world from their own desk. In simple words we can say that the facility of telecommunication has boosted the capacity of people towards other several fields as well.

E commerce license in Dubai

Dubai also supports online business by providing a license E commerce license in Dubai. Or it also called online business license in Dubai. In old days the setup of a company were requiring the best local market. And in the initial phase they were searching to capture the local market and gradually go for the big markets. But now internet connects a lot of people with each other from different part of the globe to do business. And they do the payment online with the help of credit & debit card as well as delivery of item became so easy and so on.

Everything has change in a very rapid way through internet. We can take the example of online business in Dubai that is focusing on business through internet. And it is taking your prospect business to a successful project. The E commerce license in Dubai plays an excessive role towards the online shopping. E commerce is very productive for the people and carries a lot of profits.

Why Online business in Dubai

Dubai has made foremost hard work to become as an e commerce center. And according to the study from DMC base Madar Research Group in late 2002; was at that time on a par with top European Union states in basic online services.

Online business in Dubai becomes famous with the development of social media along with awareness of internet for business. People of UAE are to purchase through Internet.

E-commerce license in Dubai is a burning selling license. According to a survey by Master Card that 42 per cent of UAE shop keeper accessed the internet for online shopping in the year 2012 and now it is additional than 55%. And also one key reason of online business in Dubai is the interest of SMEs in this sort of business. They are using the Internet that is using for marketing interactions as well as sales with suppliers and customers. An Online business in Dubai will permit you to build up a brand online. And distribute it over Internet. It will allow you to produce customer base on the internet.

E commerce license in Dubai

The trend of e-commerce is not unlike in Dubai. E commerce license in Dubai is a road for e-tailing for new players. PayPal is highly prominent in the GCC. In fact, the value of these business dealings, according to Arab Advisors Group is about $11 billion per year. We expect the online space to carry on and flourish due to the development of internet in the region. It has enhancements in security of transactions, logistics and payment execution along with speed of technology.

For the client, certain things keep on the same irrespective of whether the talk is about online or offline selling. Customers still want to buy stylish products at high prices, they still value good service, and they continue to desire brands which understand their life interests. The Consumers are always purchasing through a series of online as well as offline channel; and it is really increasing. They share information Online, where they validate their friend’s choice, research, learn as well as develop a point of view regarding the products. They often search at the product, comparing it with other brands and connecting it with others too.

The customers after these experiences take a final decision of purchasing by keeping in mind the future of brand, so the decision comes after a detail reflection. How to own the right strategy for the online versus so offline dynamic for future brands and e-tailors will be vital to the success.

How to start an online business in Dubai

If your business is prevailing one or you are planning for Setting up an online business in Dubai. But you may not be having an idea that how to open online business in UAE. So we are going to give you some tips (It is a compulsory requirement for any person who is searching for Setting up an online business in Dubai).

In case you want to open your E commerce license in Dubai and wish to create your online store today. Then there are two foremost scenarios. You can build an in house solution that will take approximately three months depending on your abilities. It will require a cost of roughly US $6,000. In case you can choose for a custom made solution from a design agency. Then it will take around five months, which will naturally cost around US $10,000.

Following are the steps to know how to start an online business in Dubai.

E commerce license in Dubai

There are two major areas where you can apply for E commerce license in Dubai.

1) You will need a License from the Department of Economic Development (DED) to form an E commerce license in Dubai.

2) The license you will be getting from the relevant free zone authority. if you are searching to establish within a free zone at UAE.

The nature of license issued will rely on the nature of your E commerce license in Dubai

Office space for E commerce license in Dubai

The space of office is depending upon the type of your business.  Dubai based company officially bound that they should have physical office space.

Register a domain name for E commerce license in Dubai

There are two main selections for domain name registration. Either you want a solution properly hosted or you want a solution which is self-hosted about the cost on the software. Following are the differences between the two solutions:

  • Hosted: they are usually offering the website hosted for a monthly payment. It depends on your paid plan it would also include features. It is little bit expensive as it has more features. But as far as servers, maintenance, backups is concern so you must not be worried about it.
  • Self-Hosted: For self-hosted solution you should have a hosting provider, and you should keep it simplified. Where it means that you would need little code knowledge. But you would not pay additional fee for it as the software could be free.

The best example of a great hosting solution is the WordPress. You can start for Free and once you start your company you can upgrade it to a paid plan. It will give you sufficient time to get ready before you pay.

Start designing your store for E commerce license in Dubai

If you are working with In-house solutions; then you will need hiring a designer. Who will normally charge you about US $1,500 over a period of one month?  On the other hand, an agency may charge considerably more- US $3000 to $4000 over period of one month.

Set up a payment gateway for E commerce license in Dubai

In case you want to provide a good process for the customers to pay you online. The only thing which you need is to sign up for a trader bank account. This can be with one of the payment processors available for E-commerce license in Dubai. In case you want your store to be in UAE then PayPal and Gate 2 Play offer you a credit card integration. Your developers will require installing the API within three weeks. That is after signing up for a merchant account and getting an API. Whether done in-house or using an agency, it will generally cost you $1000.

You can also check Limousine license in Dubai and Laundry license in Dubai.

E commerce license in Dubai and Integrate your with a logistics solution

Sign up for a merchant account with a logistics company like UPS; Aramex, FedEx or DHL to open shipping to your customers. Install it on your platform, once you get the API. This is an important foot step even at the time of selling to a local market. It will take your E commerce license in Dubai to the next level. Picking a well-known shipping courier also increases your credibility as well as willingness of customer to buy. A merchant account approval must not take more than 48 hours.

Add products to the store of online business in Dubai

When you setup your structure for your online business in Dubai. Then you need to work on some of the most difficult aspects of the site. Which is uploading products, shaping as well as categorizing them how to create recommendations. Receiving such set up can take about 20 to 40 days.

E commerce license in Dubai and Import export requirement

The business has to be register with one of the ports along with customs authority. So that to get an importer’s code. In case you are importing products from overseas. And selling them using online business in Dubai to the market of UAE. A customs duty is applicable (often 5%) on goods being import to UAE. In case they are selling their goods or services within the free zone or outside the country. Then a free zone business is not accountable for customs duties. However, the customs duty has to be paid along with a local commercial agent has to be arranged. In case they are selling to the UAE market (outside the free zone).

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