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Dubai is a place full of excellent and lovely sites, attractive beaches. And gigantic buildings and the most gastronomical food. The UAE is well known for two things: oil and food. The new tendency regarding the food industry in Dubai is the idea of ‘food trucks’. The whole idea of opening a food truck license Dubai is derived from the West. And it has now reached to the Middle East. UAE people accepting as well as loving the setup of eating from a street food truck. People in Dubai live a gorgeous lifestyle. They eat their food in expensive restaurants and hotels. But now that there is been an uprising in the streets of Dubai. A food revolution – now everyone is taking full interest to explore more and more. People are investing more in food and beverage in Dubai.

The idea of food truck license in UAE is first start in Abu Dhabi. This type of a business already make his mark in the US and European markets. The food truck license Dubai has become more popular in Dubai markets. And now it is the most successful business which people are looking to open in Dubai. The food truck business is very much attractive as per the opinion of investors. But there is one condition: that is if you have something new to feed the people of Dubai. In recent news, Dubai has got its first ever floating food truck named ‘Aqua Pod’. This will be serving the jet skiers as well as yachters.

How to Get a Food Truck License Dubai?

Dubai government carries out everything in a very appropriate manner and with a set code of conduct. The process of getting a food truck license Dubai is very complex. Anyone planning to set up business in Dubai in the food truck industry. Then they needs to get approval from four department which are. The DED, Dubai Municipality and the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA); and the Dubai Electricity as well as Water Authority (DEWA) too.

Process of food truck license Dubai

Let us understand the step-by-step procedure as how to acquire a food truck license Dubai:

  • The first as well as leading step would be to submit your business plan to the DED and Dubai Municipality for taking approval. After the approval, you will move to the next very step.
  • The food truck needs a proper kitchen or a catering license in Dubai in their back. In the 2nd stage, you need to submit a certificate of HACCP kitchen layout for approval.
  • Make a blueprint of your truck because the design as well as fit-out of the truck are very much important. You need submitting it and receiving an approval from the government authority.
  • You need to choose suitable location for your food truck. Your business will depend on the kind of locality you will be targeting in Dubai. So having the most effective and potential location for your food truck is a vital point.
  • Buy a truck as well as design it as per to the fit-out approved by the authorities. The truck should be supportive of your kitchen; and also it have to be capable of handling the heat. A part from these, there must be a proper air circulation system in your food truck.
  • The final stage is to get a license for your food truck as well as start the cooking.

Why the Food Truck Business in Dubai

The food truck business in Dubai is driving in the track of success with excessive speed; however, the tribute goes to the people of the Emirates who have made it prominent. This new prospect in the Emirates’ food is a chance for those people; who are searching of setting up a business in Dubai; that is, in the food truck sector; and now it is the ideal time to intervene in the market. Although setting up a food truck business is not as easy task as it seems; you need to have a suitable business idea to take start. Food truck business in Dubai requires less amount of investment; it is also a less risky.

Here are a few points, as to why gaining a food truck license Dubai is a good idea.

  • The food truck business in Dubai is growing at a fast pace in Dubai. A number of investors in the city are showing great interest to support this industry.
  • The food truck business in Dubai is generating a demand for function vehicles. That are capable of sustaining cooling as well as heating facilities.
  • Also note that food truck license Dubai creates more investment chances. But this is for people who are looking for better returns on their investment.
  • Unlike the restaurant business in Dubai food trucks give you the benefit of being mobile. It enables you to reach out to the markets; such as park, beach and streets as well as picnic areas. So in this way you will fetch more customers.
  • One of the main reason to get a food truck license Dubai; is that now people want change in their food habits. And quit their wishes of eating super expensive food in five star hotels. They choose simple food which is easily available.

Why use us for food truck license Dubai

Receiving a food truck license Dubai might be a difficult process. That is, for those who are going to setup a business in Dubai for the first time. But with the support of our business consultants in Dubai, receiving a food truck license will be an easy task. So business formation in Dubai can be made easy with the assistance of our professional advice; this is what we provide to our clients.

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thank you TLD

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April 6, 2022

I would like to thanks TLD for its great customer service. A Special thank to Sara, who have helped us during the entire process of food truck set up in Dubai. She did a great job to setup our food truck on time. She has provided superior consultancy services. In general, I have had a great experience, and highly recommend her and her company, for those who want to open a company in UAE!

Jemmy Jane

Food truck business in Dubai

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September 17, 2021

Thanks you TLD consultancy for providing help in the formation of our food truck business in Dubai.

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Food truck license in Dubai

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September 14, 2021

It was our good luck to found TLD Consultancy online and hire them for our food truck company set up in Dubai. I would love to rise a few points about their services.

1. The consultant team is very professional.

2. They did not made any false promises nor do they exaggerate at any point of time.

3. Always receive positive response from their side.

4. Whatever they promise to me they delivered.

5. They have very polite as well as very humble agents in their team.

6. The services which they have given to us were on the high quality side.

7. They offer smooth and easy processing methods.

8. I have seen a high quality of clearness in their dealing.

9. They were always ahead of schedule and deliver on time. They don’t have any delays in their process.

10. The most important thing is that their service fee is very less as compared to the other firm.


Food truck license in Dubai

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September 7, 2021

I was helped by Sara. Sara was very professional, polite and described the whole thing to me into details. When she was not sure about one of our business Activity, she straightway called someone who could assist me and clear all of my doubt. She speaks very politely; I personally recommend them for food truck license in Dubai!.